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    ​Funeral insurance

    In Spain, it’s important to think about taking out funeral insurance and give your nearest and dearest the peace of mind in knowing that they will have help in arranging this sad procedure. They will already be distressed and the last thing they will want to think about is the funeral and the all the arrangements that are necessary. In Spain, funerals normally take place within 48 hours, so just imagine the stress of the organisation with no professional help and the ever-increasing costs that are involved.  By taking out either a one off pre-paid plan or an annual plan, payable monthly if necessary, you can at least be satisfied that those you leave behind will have the help they need during this unforgiving time.

    You will have total peace of mind at this extremely distressing period. It’s sad enough, so it’s vital to think about what financial help you can have and need. Act now, and although it’s something no one wants to think about, there are two things in life we all have to bear, one is death and the other is taxes… which, unfortunately we can’t help with!!

    Lighten the load on your family now, before it’s too late, because in Spain if you die the burial is very quick.

    We can offer the following in their funeral insurance plans:

    • Periodic premium or single payment option
    • Digital deletion after death
    • Open notarial will
    • Assistance with Living Will
    • Counselling service for family and relatives
    • International repatriation cover
    So, depending on your choice of plan, you can have the peace of mind you need, and don’t forget how difficult it may also be if you have a language barrier not being able to speak in Spanish to help you through the process. Contact Best Cover Insurance now through our ‘contact page’ by your preferred method.

    Life goes on, but death is certain.


    Periodic premium or single payment option


    Digital deletion after death


    Open notarial will


    Assistance with Living Will


    Counselling service for family and relatives


    International repatriation cover

    All our insurance policies include

    Spanish insurance documents in English

    All documents in your language

    All policies can be provided in English, Spanish or German so you will fully understand what you are covered for. But, of course, if you have any doubts simply call us for any confirmation that you may need.

    Claims handling in English

    Excellent Claims Service

    With our insurers, you will find the claims service second to none. Again, they will speak your language and process your claim in the fastest possible time.

    legal assistance in English

    Legal Assistance

    In most policies you are covered for help should your claim require legal assistance. The teams of legal personnel will be on hand to help you with the process.

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