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    Pet insurance

    The BEST Pet Insurance for your BEST friend.

    Pet insurance for ex-pats in Spain for your best friends.

    From a Chihuahua to a Great Dane or your much loved purrrssy cat, we can, at Best Cover Insurance, provide advice and guidance in English.

    Just think of those vet bills putting a dent in your credit card and worse still, an operation following a fracture or bad bite from another animal, the costs escalate. And even more devastating, your ‘best friend’ is stolen… we will help to try and recover it. Without pet insurance for Spain and Europe from Best Cover, your life could be turned upside down, as your pet is probably more loyal than anyone.

    Heaven forbid, if you personally are hospitalized and are not able to look after your pet, our policy will help in seeking and helping with costs at a pet hotel.

    Plans normally available include for all sizes of dogs (with limitations to dangerous dogs) and of course pussy cats (not tigers!!!):

    Sorry Elephants are not included either!

    Age-wise, the starting limit is after three months and up to six years old, but if you have insurance during this time period, it can be extended to nine years. In the event of death, any expenses arising will be covered to help you during this difficult period.

    Furthermore, your pet insurance includes a phone helpline, which provides: Information, an advice line and legal assistance.

    If you choose a vet, within our network of preferred centres, you will pay less too.

    Don’t take the risk, contact Best Cover Insurance because, maybe, your pet means more to you than anyone.


    Vet assistance due to accident and illness optional cover


    A special cover for Theft


    Help in finding your pet if lost


    Legal assistance related to your pet


    Costs of euthanasia and disposal of remains


    Cover for Stay in kennels/catteries due to owner’s hospitalisation


    Public liability in cases of aggressive breeds


    Telephone assistance

    All our insurance policies include

    Spanish insurance documents in English

    All documents in your language

    All policies can be provided in English, Spanish or German so you will fully understand what you are covered for. But, of course, if you have any doubts simply call us for any confirmation that you may need.

    Claims handling in English

    Excellent Claims Service

    With our insurers, you will find the claims service second to none. Again, they will speak your language and process your claim in the fastest possible time.

    legal assistance in English

    Legal Assistance

    In most policies you are covered for help should your claim require legal assistance. The teams of legal personnel will be on hand to help you with the process.

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