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    Travel insurance – is it important?

    You may believe travel insurance is not so important, but please thing again. When travelling abroad, it’s important to be covered for the unexpected. Even things like losing your luggage or, even worse, it’s stolen or damaged. Maybe your flight is cancelled or delayed thus causing you additional costs. Medical expenses, especially in the US can be astronomic so this is a vital part of your travel insurance. If you are planning a cruise, they need a separate travel insurance cover. Your covers can be annual, paying one amount for the year or you can pay per trip. Please consider which is the best cover for you and your family. Medical cover is limited to 100,000€.

    Our travel insurance policies are comprehensive and inexpensive, designed to be the perfect addition to your holiday arrangements. Add peace of mind to your itinerary and relax in the knowledge you are well covered for any unlikely occurrence.

    The chances of something happening are probably low, but if you’re travelling to a higher risk environment, it’s better to be prepared and be safe not sorry.

    Also check if there is an excess on your policy as this is an amount you may have to pay if you make a claim.

    Otherwise, enjoy your travels and let our travel cover put your mind at rest.

    Bon voyage!!


    Comprehensive travel insurance cover


    Personal liability cover


    Consider pre-existing medical conditions


    Cancellation of your trip


    Medical emergencies


    Medical care


    Medical Repatriation


    Missed departures


    Accidents and injuries

    All our insurance policies include

    Spanish insurance documents in English

    All documents in your language

    All policies can be provided in English, Spanish or German so you will fully understand what you are covered for. But, of course, if you have any doubts simply call us for any confirmation that you may need.

    Claims handling in English

    Excellent Claims Service

    With our insurers, you will find the claims service second to none. Again, they will speak your language and process your claim in the fastest possible time.

    legal assistance in English

    Legal Assistance

    In most policies you are covered for help should your claim require legal assistance. The teams of legal personnel will be on hand to help you with the process.

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