Pet Insurance in Spain

The BEST cover for your BEST friend.

From a Chihuahua  to a Great Dane or your much loved purrrssy cat, we can, at Best Cover Insurance, provide advice and guidance in English.

Just think, those vet bills are putting a dent in your credit card and what if your ‘best friend’ is stolen. If you’re hospitalised, we’ll help in seeking and helping costs at a pet hotel. Depending on the weight of your pet in kilos, there are three policies based on: small up to 9 kg, medium from 9 to 15kg like a Dalmatian and large over 15kg like a German Shepherd. Sorry Elephants are not included!

If you choose a vet, within our network of preferred centres, you pay less too.

Don’t take the risk, contact Best Cover Insurance because , may be, your pet means more to you than anyone.

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