Spanish Residency


Obtaining residency in Spain is something that can seem pretty daunting, but we can help.

For those of us with the flimsy green residency paper, it seems sensible to exchange it for a sturdy card. This card now also has our photo on it, our fingerprint, and clearly states our rights to be resident in Spain under the withdrawal agreement following Brexit.

The old flimsy version was called ‘numero identificación extranjero’ (NIE), and the new CARD is called ‘Tarjeta identificación extranjero’ (TIE). After July 6th 2020, any UK citizen registering for residence in Spain will be issued this biometric TIE card.

It is not obligatory and the original green A4 sheet is still valid, but the card is easier to look after, is far more durable and can fit in a wallet or purse.

The British Embassy and the Spanish authorities are now strongly recommending this exchange.

Of note, The Golden Visa Scheme is one of the fastest routes to permanent residency in Spain. However, it is important to note that various conditions apart from the investment must be respected. Among these, are having a clean criminal record and health insurance. Also, the applicant must also submit proof of being able to sustain themselves for an indefinite period of time. The advantage of the Golden Visa is that the applicant can move to Spain with close family members.

It’s not so difficult to arrange, so talk to us on (0034) 609 461 591 or email: for advice on this and all types of insurance covers, including health insurance, car, home, life and more.

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