Passport entry into Spain


Passport entry into Spain, since Brexit, has raised a number of questions. The Best Cover Insurance team are also expats, therefore we have a few been through this process and can help you navigate this too.

British visitors to an EU country can expect to have their passports stamped when arriving and leaving. One stamp or two is not going to matter too much. But imagine you worked somewhere and it was stamped every day in and out of the country. Under the terms of the withdrawal agreement, this should not be happening for UK nationals WITH valid residency in Spain. If you have had a stamp in your passport, this will be void once in Spain because the residency permit negates it.

As a resident of Spain, you should always travel with your valid passport and residency document and present them together at the Spanish border, especially between Gibraltar and Spain. Also take note that as part of the European Union if our passports were valid, we were OK to travel.  Post-Brexit, as third-country nationals, our passports must be valid for three months beyond the length of our stay. So do not delay, check the expiry date of your passport today before you intend to travel.

Non EU visitors to Spain

If you intend to invite aunty Mabel to visit, there has been a lot of speculation about the documentation required when visitors come to Spain. Non-EU visitors arriving for less than 90 days may have to prove that they have a return or onward ticket or show pre-booked accommodation or proof of ownership of their second home. It all seems quite sensible and lets not believe the scare-mongering in some parts of social media and the press. And finally, and very important, you need private healthcare in Spain now, and it has to be with NO co-payment. In other words, when you need to visit a hospital, doctor, or clinic you just show your health insurance cover card or document and must not have to make an additional payment to the insurer. In addition to Health insurance, Car insurance is obligatory!

Passport entry into Spain, ask Best Cover Insurance

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